Worth1000 – an amazing and inspiring site


I had forgotten about this amazing site full of WOW images.


I was introduced to it in a pd about multi-modal literacy and ways to engage students. The images are sorted into galleries alphabetically that have been contests, with a particular brief. For example, Coolest Toy Ever, Work Safe Art, Sound of Music and Garden Freestyle.

Have a look below and think how you could use these images.

Some of the images are not suitable for schools, but there is so much available that is, it is worth (get it?) checking this out. Certainly they are useful for visual literacy, but also for displays that make you stop and think, as great starters for creative story writing, for ‘ putting yourself in someone else’s shoes’ thinking, for discussions about characters – why they are imagined and portrayed as they are physically, for springboards to creating your own images  in technology classes or art…..the list goes on.

smiling tomatoes tiny cauliflower poodle butterfly painting gorilla island tiny man sawing seedling arboretum hiding mouse frog made of cotton bugle hut

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