Using QR codes in the classroom


On Saturday night, wandering along to fill in time at the local shopping strip till the movie started, I noticed a QR code on the footpath, from the council, advertising walking tracks in the area. I thought it was a good way to use this technology that is becoming more prevalent in the ‘real world’. 

That reminded me of my Pinterest folder called QR codes, where I have collected some pretty interesting ways to use QR codes in an educational setting. 

Using QR codes in the classroom

Using QR codes to share videos

iPad story wall with QR codes to book reviews

40 Interesting Ways to use QR codes in the classroom

Another thing we are trying at school is adding QR codes to link picture books useful for integrated topics such as the First Fleet to online teacher resources. That way we don’t need to print out, and then work out how to attach, a few pieces of paper to the book itself.
Then for Lit Circles, with the year 6’s, we found some teacher resources for discussion plus an interview with the author and a book trailer advertising the book. We have added these as QR codes – which link straight to these resources. Again, no paper wastage; I’m not telling teachers about something they are not interested in until their group is reading that book; and I don’t forget that I came across these resources. I get to do something with them as soon as I find them.
Wins all round!!
My aim would be to start adding QR codes, linking book trailers to their book, for year 4-6, as they are the students with their own iPads.

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