Labrary – experimental library makerspace


Reading this article, I liked how they said ‘Libraries are well known for their role as transactional entities – people come to libraries to find information, then off they go to make sense of it. Labrary gave people a chance to work together to make information meaningful together. This didn’t eliminate the space for quiet solitary thought, but rather, was an additional resource – rich knowledge curation evolving in real time in a networked community.’

Wonder what the inflatable reading room looked like?

Plus how does thinking this way – providing spaces for collaborative learning, impact on our library design? Our year 5 and 6’s got new classroom tables on Wednesday, that allow groups of children to sit up to higher desks, sit around a whiteboard table which you can write on with whiteboard markers, single easily movable chairs for quiet reading and round and rectangular group tables. Already I have observed the classes working differently, able to move furniture around more easily to adapt to different ways to work – in groups, singularly, teacher led or student only groups. So our thinking and planning of space and furniture is critical in enabling us to move our way of educating students forward.

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