Article – School libraries and teacher-librarians: evidence of their contribution to student literacy and learning by Dr.Hilary Hughes


I came across the article and found it particularly interesting as it shared the findings from Gold Coast school libraries. Plus I did my Teacher/librarian training at QUT!

A lot of the research that is out there is based in US or UK libraries and so, although interesting and useful perhaps not as pertinent as ones using Australian stats.

Here is the précis

International research provides compelling evidence that school libraries and teacher-librarians make a significant contribution to student literacy and learning outcomes. After summarising previous research, this article presents recent research focused on Gold Coast schools. These new Australian findings present an evidenced based snapshot of school libraries and teacher-librarians, from the principals’ perspective. They indicate that school NAPLAN scores for reading and writing were generally higher when student-to-library staff ratios were lower (i.e. better) and when the school employed a teacher-librarian. In light of the National Plan for School Improvement, the findings are of potential interest to education authorities, policy makers, school leadership teams, teacher-librarians, teachers, parents and researchers. They offer evidence to inform policy development and strategic planning for school libraries and professional staffing.,36453.html?issueID=12777

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