Principals Know: School Librarians are at the Heart of the School


Following in the vein from my last post……what evidence is there that libraries and teacher-librarians make a difference, a colleague Scooped this from Lyn Hay, a well known teacher-librarian expert.

The youtube is called

‘Principals Know: School Librarians are the heart of the school’

Lyn has to say….This video presents evidence of how the school library contributes to teacher practice and student learning. What is so special about this video is that the evidence is provided by school principals. Many thanks to Dr. Judi Moreillon and Dr. Teresa Starrett from Texas Woman’s University for producing this video.

I enjoyed hearing from people in leadership positions, endorsing the importance of the librarian.

Yesterday in a meeting of specialist teachers, we were talking about something we would like to see done better at our school – acknowledgement by management that we are contributing, our efforts and recognized and valued.  I’m sure this is not just at our school but something that could be done better in lots of teams of people.

Some of the group felt that a student in their class said’ that was the best Science class ever’ or posted a comment on their shared photostream was the acknowledgement that meant the most to them…..and this is an individual thing of where you value your acknowledgement coming from. But I think most people need the occasional pat on the back.

Maybe that is why I am struggling a bit with this blog…no pats on the back from anyone…just posting into the void. Maybe it needs to become more of a reflective tool, not just a vehicle for sharing.

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