Global education and connection


We all as humans, want and need connection to flourish. Dr Brene Brown in ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’ talks about the fundamental importance of connecting to others. In a school setting, we connect all the time with students  and colleagues, but our world now is not just confined to our school, or our neighborhood or our city or even our country. We should be bringing the world into our classroom as it has immeasurable benefits, not from a connecting point of view, but so many others.

But how do we facilitate that? It is something in the past I have said I want to learn more about and get involved in. A beginning step for me has been connecting via a blog with our sister campus, sharing year 2 thought about the shortlisted books we are sharing each week and getting their response and ideas. Also I have organised a bookmark exchange with a school in Dubbo – my year 3 and 4 classes made a bookmark to send to Dubbo, after learning a little about where Dubbo is and how the children there live that is different to our lives. Fairly simple examples, but it is a start.

I subscribe to Ted Ed blog, and their post from a couple of days ago feeds into the idea of connection and how you make this happen in a school setting –

TED-Ed Club Facilitator on student individuality, academic freedom and global connection

Now I am over getting Book Week and author and illustrator visits organised, it is time to see what I can uncover about connecting classrooms with the rest of Australia, and the world! Will keep you posted !

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