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How to introduce the Dewey Decimal system in a fun way



One of my jobs as a teacher-librarian is to work with classroom teachers to integrate information literacy, in such a way that it is meaningful and useful to the students right there and then.

Last week, I did a couple of lessons talking about the numbers on the spines of non-fiction books and I finished off with a ‘What I used to think…’ and ‘What I know now…’ thinking protocol. This is a good exit strategy to assess whether what you wanted your students to get from the lesson is what they actually did get from it!

Here are some of the students comments –

I used to think the numbers in the library are just random…………but now I know that the numbers was made up by a man called Dewey and they were divided into ten different groups.

I used to think Mrs. B made up the numbers……… I now know that Dewey once made the numbers to bring order to the library, this system is called the DDC.

I used to think that the numbers were made by Mrs B or Mrs S………. Now I think, that the numbers were made by Melvil Dewey who called the system DDC.

I used to think that people used to put books anywhere. I thought the numbers where nothing……… Now I know that this man called Melvil Dewey made the numbers for a reason the reason was that you just don’t put the books any where.

So I was pretty pleased with what they seemed to have taken on board.

The other things that I use to initially introduce the DDC is a ppt, made by a colleague.


This is a pretty succinct way to explain what the DDC is about and why it was invented by Dewey.

I usually finish off with the DDC rap, which the students said went home and watched several times on YouTube  and it is the sort of tune that gets in your head Рwhat a great way to remember about the DDC!