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Using Google images to find and use labelled for non commercial use


I was teaching the year 5’s on Monday about how to search and find images that the owners have modified their copyright on to enable others to use them without asking for permission. Being honest, up till now I have just googled for an image and used whatever I found. But I feel it is a bit rich to teach others about the better way to do things and then not do it myself.

Here is the process…. choose Google Images. Put in your search term and enter. Then as the pages of results come up, look under the search bar to an option called Search Tools. Click on this and then choose the tab that says ‘Usage rights’. You can look up what these different right exactly entail, but for my primary students, a very basic knowledge is all that is required. My aim is to use these select images in everything I create, to walk the walk.




Dr Dan Russell – Google search anthropologist – What does it mean to be literate in the age of Google?



Want to watch this myself, but can’t at the moment as report editing. Want to watch in terms of information literacy and what skills in terms of searching are important for us as teachers to be focusing on with students.