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Dandelion Fire – 2nd book in 100 Cupboards series by ND Wilson


Dandelion Fire (100 Cupboards, #2)Dandelion Fire by N.D. Wilson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Henry York's life threatening adventures continue from his bedroom with the 100 doors that lead to different lands. He really doesn't want to go back to his 'parents' particularly now he knows they are not his real parents. But it seems there is no choice, unless he goes through one of the doors....and he wants to know where he has come from, who his family are. Following that trail leads him into all sorts of trouble, and cousin Henrietta goes off as well, leaving her dad behind to work out what to do and how to find these 2 lost children.

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Book Murals from around the world


As part of the OZTL – net group I belong to, I received a post about amazing wall murals featuring books. I wanted to share it with you.


New videos from The Kid Should See This – cool videos for curious minds of all ages


This is a great site to subscribe to, as every week you get sent a selection of the week’s most shared videos. But you can also go to the site and search for particular topics you are after.

Here are some gems, I reckon…..







How to Change the World – Kid President


I finished Mindful in May last week and this was one of the last things Elise, the organizer shared with us all. I have just sent the link of this to one of the year 4 classes, who after studying a unit on Indigenous Australians, are writing a letter to the prime minister Tony Abbott to say he should apologies to the Indigenous Australians for white people taking their land away from them. They are fired up about the injustice of what went on and wanted to do something about it. Just like the Kid President points out in his video – Ways to Change the World’