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New videos from The Kid Should See This – cool videos for curious minds of all ages


This is a great site to subscribe to, as every week you get sent a selection of the week’s most shared videos. But you can also go to the site and search for particular topics you are after.

Here are some gems, I reckon…..







The Happy Secret to Better Work – inspirational


My son just showed me this video. I love TED talks as they are to the point and always by people who really know what they are talking about. Shawn Achor seems to know his stuff and makes a lot of sense – we have put success ahead of happiness in our modern world. Each time we reach our goal or have success, all that we feel is that we replace this goal with a harder to reach one. And our feeling of happiness is supposed to happen after we reach our goal, but as we never really do, we don’t get to feel happy. Shawn shares 5 things that he does with each company he works with to up their employees happiness. He suggests that we need to do these things for 21 days straight to re-program our thinking to look for happiness. Sounds great, and as someone who has journal led their 10 things to be thankful for for a few years + now has a gratitude jar at work to add 1 thing to be grateful for each day, I think what he says really makes sense. But don’t take my world for it – watch the TED talk and see for yourself. Maybe even take on the 21 day challenge!