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Mindfulness and Meditation in the primary classroom


This is something I am really interested for me and the students – I wonder what effect it would have if your class practiced how to be mindful on a daily basis?

I have some resources to share, some I am re-sharing from a colleague at school, who shared them with the whole staff this week. (thanks Matt!)

Check them out if you are willing to try something new or revisit this way of being……

smiling minds

Smiling Minds –    What is Smiling Mind? Smiling Mind is modern meditation for young people. It is a unique web and App-based program, designed to help bring balance to young lives.


magical adventures             enchanted med2               positive penguins              super stretch

Magical Adventures  –  $2.99  – meditation ideally suited to 4-7 year olds.

Enchanted Meditations for kids 1 – $2.99 – 4 enchanted audio tracks – Jellyfish relaxation; an underwater dolphin ride; rainbow relaxation; the magic rainbow – 3-9 year olds

Positive Penguins – Free – helps children to understand how their feeling arise and to challenge negative feelings before they get out of control.

SuperStretch – Free –  yoga app for kids, the adventure of Super Stretch. In a story format with Super Stretch introducing you to his friends and their yoga poses.

Guided Meditation pdfs



Namaste to you all.

Cyber safety for 10 + 11year olds – how to approach in a fun way?


I have been asked to open the learning/discussion for our classes of 10 year olds about cyber safety as last week they all received their own ipad. So now is a perfect timing for this.

So I started looking around and had been told that the Australian Government has a good website to help with this.

It certainly is comprehensive with tabs for young kids, kids, teens, parents, schools, libraries, outreach, cybersmart citizens and about cybersmart. You can request free posters, magnets, although I did find most of these were more secondary focused.

The kid’s section uses quizzes, cartoon stories, games and fact sheets to teach students about everything cybersafety, including a section on cyber bullying.

Today, I was flicking through my local paper, which is my wont on a Sunday morning and I came across 2 articles that have added to my thinking of how I will approach this topic next week.

The first was an app bCyberwise Monster Family, whose aim is to ‘teach students aged between 8 and 13 about online safety.’ Michelle Wood, is the Victorian chief executive of Life Education Australia,  which is a well known school’s program that used to focus  on helping children to look after themselves and stay safe, more in  terms of health and nutrition, feelings and emotions, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, rather than online safety.

Now they have branched out into cyber space! It uses an engaging storyline and mini-games to teach online safety messages in a fun way.

bCyberwise screenshot

So, my issue now is I have too much good stuff to choose from!

The second article that caught my eye, sort of related to the online world, which our students are inhabiting for longer and longer periods of time, and was  entitled ‘A Sleeping Problem’.

Dr Sarah Blunden, founder of the Australian Centre for Education in Sleep was quoted as saying

‘…electronic media was an increasingly important part of modern life – particularly for young people who relied on it to connect with friends – so it was important to balance exposure. ‘ She went on to say that our bodies need something more relaxing at bedtime such as quiet music or ,dare I suggest it, reading a book!!

So this is something else to add into the mix of lessons…discussion about when and where and how often the student’s should be on their ipads.

Having ipads as a tool in the classroom is certainly bringing up lots of learning, for students, teachers and parents.