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Have you been introduced to your wise advocate?


I would like to share this presentation I have just watched by Dr Jeffrey Schwartz entitled ‘You are not Your Brain’. Wow – it has some real insights into ideas that the mind and the brain are separate and where you give your attention (your mind) actually can change the way that your brain thinks.

The wise advocate, as Schwartz explains it, is the aspect of your attentive mind that knows what you are thinking, can see the deceptive brain messages for what they are and understands how you feel. The wise advocate wants the best for you, it loves and cares for you, so it encourages you to value yourself and make  decisions in a rational manner that are in your overall best interests.

From the video link….

You are not your brain
• How does the brain work? What happens in an overactive brain circuit?
• Why do we so often feel besieged by bad brain wiring?
• Is it possible to free ourselves from destructive thoughts and actions and to change bad habits for good?
• How to identify and work with negative brain impulses
• Making your brain work for you — the 4-Step solution for changing bad habits, ending unhealthy thinking, and taking control of your life
Dr Jeffrey M Schwartz, leading neuroplasticity researcher and coauthor of the just released You Are Not Your Brain and the groundbreaking books Brain Lock and The Mind and the Brain; Department of Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine, USA