Hi, my name is Jenny and I am a junior school primary teacher/librarian, teaching full time at a P-12 school in Melbourne’s hilly outer suburbs.

I wanted to create this blog as a spot to collect any useful, interesting,inspiring, fresh, well made, applicable and on the right level for primary age children resources I came across. There are several aims for me.

IPAD APPS – We are introducing a ipad program with P-6 having access to an ipad, so I want to be on the look out for great ipad apps. I have several Pinterest boards I follow, so new ideas shared by them come up all the time. My plan is to be more regular in checking Pinterest and other sources to ‘pick the eyes out’ of any shared apps.

CONNECTING ONLINE  – Another ‘thing’ I am interested in is enabling classrooms at school, to connect with other classrooms, both within Australia and also around the world. The year 3’s do a geography unit – they could connect top another classroom in Australia to talk about what makes our area special and share where the other class lives. The year 4’s get involved in an important focus on Australian Indigenous communities, with the aim of becoming aware of how different people in our country live. It would be wonderful for them to connect to an indigenous class and experience real life and how it is so different, but also the same as ours. The year 6’s have an Asia and our Neighbors focus and how ideal would it be for them to communicate with similar age children…..their learning would not just be out of books , but connect to them and their lives. I have always wanted to get involved in online pen-pals as it would give students an opportunity to communicate for a real purpose.  Perhaps the year 1 and 2’s would be interested in looking at this?


NEW LIBRARY SPACE – This year, hopefully I will be involved in planning a new P-12 Library space. Besides sharing resources about school curriculum, I thought I could use the blog to share my musings on this process.

ONLINE GAMING AT SCHOOL – Lastly, I am interested in how online gaming can be used in schools.  A long time ago, when computers were just new and very exciting, I went to a couple of pds about how to use ‘Where in the World is Carmen Santiago?’ as part of the curriculum and feel, the way everything technological  has moved on, there must be great games, spot on to enrich and enhance our current curriculum.

So that’s my aim – to keep up to date with the many amazing people out there, collecting resources and passing these on to whoever, whenever and wherever and also sharing my thoughts on the design process for a school library.

Happy reading!!

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